About the Aviation Safety Advisory Panel

CASA uses the Aviation Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP) to give us informed and fair counsel from the flying community. 


  • helps recognise issues with safety and regulations
  • provides industry views on policies and regulations
  • gives technical and other input on options and proposed actions
  • creates and oversees its technical working groups, 
  • considers working group suggestions, in line with our regulatory philosophy
  • advises on methods apart from regulation change to help fix issues
  • advises on regulation reform and change.

Our CEO/Director of Aviation Safety considers, but may not accept, all input from ASAP.  

For more information about the ASAP's purpose, structure, principals and scope, see the terms of reference

ASAP membership 

The Aviation Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP) consists of: 

  • an independent chair 
  • 6 to 10 representatives of the aviation community 
  • 2 CASA representatives. 

The independent chair is Professor Pat Murray, from University of Southern Queensland. 

ASAP members are: 

  • Mr Stuart Aggs 
  • Mr Mark Awad 
  • Dr Reece Clothier 
  • Capt Ray Cronin 
  • Ms Adrianne Fleming 
  • Mr John Gissing 
  • Mr Malcolm Sharp 
  • Mr Mark Thompson. 

CASA's representatives are: 

  • Group Executive Manager Aviation 
  • Executive Manager Stakeholder Engagement. 
  • ASAP Secretariat 

CASA's Stakeholder Engagement Division manages the ASAP secretariat. We publish a a summary of meeting minutes and results after each meeting.

For comments or questions about the ASAP, contact the secretariat.

Technical working groups 

The ASAP forms technical working groups when needed, which disband after completing tasks.

Technical working groups support the ASAP's work. Industry and technical experts comment on technical issues and proposals in these groups.  

You can register your interest in joining a technical working groups by visiting the Consultation Hub.

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