8.1 Quality assurance and audit

Good communication

Applications and reports should be submitted online to CASA as soon as possible following completion.

Poor quality reproductions of such reports are of no use to CASA or DAMEs and DAMEs are requested to ensure documentation is of a legible standard.

Use of emails is discouraged, for reasons of privacy and speed. DAMEs have access to secure messaging through the MRS and should use it. The system also avoids the risk of unintentional privacy breaches as might occur if an email is incorrectly addressed.

The DAME Newsletter is published regularly to keep DAMEs informed of developments. It is deliberately kept brief and focusses on current topics of interest. Previous editions are available online.

Note: Urgent service updates are provided on the 'Splash Screen' on the MRS logon page. This will advise if IT upgrades or service work are due, and other urgent network information. It is updated as soon as AvMed has relevant information about MRS technical issues.

Medical Records

Maintenance of accurate contemporaneous medical records is essential. While the MRS provides a high-quality data store, DAMEs need to ensure that they have adequate practice records to meet their personal and practice obligations.

Practice records will need to comply with relevant professional requirements and ensure that practice staff working for the DAME also comply.

Practice Audit

Section 9 of the Civil Aviation Act 1988 provides CASA has the function of conducting comprehensive aviation industry surveillance. DAMEs will be audited against regulatory requirements from time-to-time. This may take the form of a paper-based review or a practice visit. The aim is to promote high quality practice and ensure compliance with the CASR. Findings will be advised in terms of:

  • Level 1—administrative findings
  • Level 2—safety-relevant findings and
  • Level 3—regulatory breaches.

Developing a 'quality system' requires skill and effort. DAMEs are encouraged to seek advice and support from CASA, as well as develop collegial networks with other DAMEs, such as peer-review groups.

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