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Human factors

Human factors are issues affecting how people do their jobs. They are the social and personal skills, such as communication and decision making which complement our technical skills. These are important for safe and efficient aviation.

The study of human factors involves applying scientific knowledge about the human body and mind to help understand human capabilities and limitations. Human factors knowledge can be used to reduce the likelihood of errors and build more error tolerant and more resilient systems.

Safety behaviours and human factors for pilots 2nd edition resource kit

A fully revised and updated Safety Behaviours Human Factors for Pilots kit is available. The kit includes:

  • 10 booklets covering a range of topics relevant to small operators and individual pilots
  • a workbook with practical exercises, discussion areas and reference material
  • corresponding videos containing interviews with industry experts and practitioners.

The resources kit is available also from our online store.

Safety behaviours and human factors for engineers resource kit

We have a safety behaviours resource kit for aircraft maintenance engineers and small to medium-sized maintenance organisations. Larger organisations may find it a useful supplement to existing human factors programs or a basis to build a program.

The kit includes:

  • resource guide for engineers
  • workbook for engineers
  • facilitator's guide
  • CD of resources
  • DVD featuring:
    • 'Crossed wires' - a drama on a fictitious maintenance organisation
    • 'Right connection' - examines how the organisation could have detected, managed and mitigated the errors
    • 'What the experts say?' - a series of 12 interviews with HF specialists.

You can download any part of the safety behaviours resource kit or hard copies are available from our online store. In addition you can watch the video series.

Legislation and guidance

We have legislation and guidance material, including Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASRs) and Civil Aviation Advisory Publications (CAAPs) that you can read for more information.

Human factors, automation and safety

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For general enquiries about human factors, please email humanfactors@casa.gov.au.

Last modified: 3 March 2020