Part 171 of CASR explanation of changes

Rule change

We’re currently making changes to Part 171 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR). The information provided in this section outlines what is changing, what you need to know and do, and links to any relevant guidance and reference material. 

Part 171 of CASR requires review to:

  1. modernise, standardise and align to relevant recent CASR Parts and ICAO SARPs contained in Annexes and ICAO DOCs
  2. provide greater transparency and assurance that the safety outcomes of the regulations continue to be achieved through simplification and removal of ambiguity.

The objective of the review is to modernise, simplify and remove ambiguity of the current regulation.

This is proposed by:

  • updating the CASR 171 and aligning it to more modern Parts
  • moving detailed technical material and requirements that complement the CASR 171 into the MOS 171
  • provide clearer definition of services and when CASA is required to be notified of changes.

A primary benefit will be greater transparency and assurance that the safety outcomes of the regulation continue to be achieved.

An ancillary benefit will be a simplified and credible process of filing differences to ICAO.

These changes are detailed in Project AS 18/06 - Review of Part 171 of CASR and MOS - proposed improvements.

Guidance material

There are no current guidance materials related to changes for Part 171 of CASR.

Online version available at:
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