AvSafety podcast – Circuit and radio operations at non-controlled aerodromes

This episode of the AvSafety podcast gives an insider’s look at the challenges, risks and techniques involved in operating safely at non-controlled aerodromes.

Our hosts Tim Penney and Lea Vesic are joined by trainee pilot Nerita Somers and Ben Mackney, co-owner of Flight Standards in Darwin.

Both pilots talk about why communication is key and share their stories and experiences.

In this episode, you ‘ll learn about Ben’s experience in operating around non-controlled aerodromes. Ben shares his experience of a close call in a Cessna 210 at a Northern Territory strip in the middle of Arnhem. Ben tells a story about almost colliding with the other aircraft that hadn’t switched over to the right frequency on final approach.

Nerita shares why trainees need to understand the expectations and goals of each flight. She talks about how trainee pilots can help in the pre-flight planning and post-flight briefings. Nerita also explains the role trainee pilots play in finding gaps in planning to become a safer and more diligent pilot.

A pilot setting their radio
A pilot setting their radio
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//resources-and-education/publications-and-resources/av-recording/avsafety-podcast-circuit-and-radio-operations-non-controlled-aerodromes
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