Examiner rating proficiency check

When a person completes the relevant course to become a flight examiner and passes the flight examiner rating course (FER), they are granted a flight examiner rating.

An Examiner Rating Proficiency Check (EPC) ensures flight examiners maintain the competencies required of their flight examiner rating.

Process for proficiency checks

The EPC involves:

  • an assessment of the examiner’s knowledge of relevant policies, procedures and examining principles
  • an assessment of the examiner conducting a flight test or proficiency check in an aircraft or simulator
  • a debriefing.

Where possible, you should conduct assessments in an aircraft or simulator by either:

  • observing a flight test
  • carrying out a proficiency check.

If neither of these are possible, the person conducting the check may role-play a flight test or proficiency check of the candidate.

Due dates for EPCs

EPCs are due according to Regulation 61.1285. Examiners must pass an EPC every 2 years. You can undertake an EPC up to 3 months before it is due.

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The policy underpinning EPCs is from the ICAO Annex 1 Standard.

Last updated:
8 Dec 2021
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