Examiner rating proficiency check

An Examiner Rating Proficiency Check (EPC) ensures flight examiners maintain the competencies required of their flight examiner rating.

Getting a proficiency check

As a flight examiner, your EPC will involve:

  • an assessment of your knowledge of relevant policies, procedures and examining principles
  • an assessment of how you conduct a flight test or proficiency check
  • a debriefing.

Where possible, your practical assessment will be conducted in an aircraft or simulator. If neither of these are possible, the person conducting the check may role-play a flight test or proficiency check with you.

The policy underpinning EPCs is from the ICAO Annex 1 Standard.

Applying for an EPC

To apply for an EPC, submit this online form: Application for an examiner rating proficiency check.

When we receive your application, we will use this information to begin the process. We will contact you using the details you give us in the form.

If you are using an industry assessor, you do not need to complete the form. Just arrange directly with the approved person.

Due dates for EPCs

You must pass an EPC every 2 years to hold a valid flight examiner rating. You can complete an EPC up to 3 months before it is due.

Further details about due dates and timings are in regulation 61.1285 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR).

Apply to conduct EPCs

Experienced flight examiners can now apply for authorisation to conduct EPCs.

To be approved, you will be required to complete a training program through us that will be available later in 2022.

Until then, experienced flight examiners can apply now if you have:

  • a Flight Examiner Rating and meet Part 61 (or exemption) requirements to exercise its privileges
  • a Flight Instructor Rating flight test endorsement
  • completed 1 EPC (as applicant)
  • conducted 12 helicopter or 24 aeroplane flight test activities within the previous 24 months
  • a history of compliance with the Flight Examiner Handbook and other aviation regulations

Use this form to apply for authorisation to conduct EPCs:

You will need to complete the training program before your approval can be renewed. The training program will have broader eligibility criteria.

Find a flight examiner who can conduct EPCs

Flight examiners approved to conduct examiner proficiency tests.
Name Email Phone Location Category
Adam Brinkworth brinkiesatr@yahoo.com.au 0411 477 615 All states Aeroplane
Adam Levay levayasn@bigpond.net.au or adam.levay@bunburyflyingschool.com 0418 935 950 All states Aeroplane
Andre Hattingh hattingh_pilot@yahoo.com 0415 257 313 All states Aeroplane
Anthony Robert Davis anthonyrobertdavis@gmail.com 0421 357 767 All states Aeroplane
Brett Shipp brettshipp73@gmail.com 0409 122 072 All states Helicopter
Bruce Simpson brudon1@bigpond.com 0414 266 467 All states Aeroplane
Cameron Marchant cameron.marchant@flightstandards.com.au 0412 292 464 NT, Qld, WA Aeroplane
Darrell Secker lyn@flyoz.com.au 02 6342 1812 NSW Aeroplane
David Forsyth dtforsyth@bigpond.com 0417 814 556 All states Aeroplane
Douglas Heath douglashth@bigpond.com 0418 260 014 All states Aeroplane
Gary Criddle gary.criddle@icloud.com 0413 044 161 Qld, NSW, ACT, NT, Vic, Tas Aeroplane
George Raby george@rabyonline.com.au 0421 585 997 NSW Aeroplane
Graham Svensen graham.svensen@hotmail.com 0406 319 426 Qld and NSW Helicopter
Guy Pearson gpaviation@bigpond.com 0409 350 127  Vic Aeroplane
Jason Duggan dugganjason@hotmail.com 0419 397 897 All states Helicopter
John Chew johnchew1@hotmail.com 0427 500 695 All States - Based Vic Aeroplane
John O'Brien johnobr@hotmail.com 0403 704 750 Qld, Vic Aeroplane
Malcolm Good mal_good@hotmail.com 0438 560 318 NSW Aeroplane
Marcus Grey marcus.grey@mafint.org 0432 627 370 NT, Qld, Vic Aeroplane
Nathan James nathan@smartaviation.net 0404 092 833 Qld, Northern NSW Aeroplane
Nicholas Trimmer trimmer93@bigpond.com 0403 025 496 All states Helicopter
Nigel Clark nige@bankstownflying.com.au 0417 296 956 All states Aeroplane
Peter Cook petercookhelicopters@gmail.com 0418 491 868 All states Helicopter
Peter Holstein aerowasp@bigpond.net.au 0418 425 512 All states Helicopter
Peter McKenzie peter@rotorlift.com.au 0419 423 289 All states Helicopter
Rafael Ferreira Aufranc aufranc76@gmail.com 0435 997 549 QLD, NSW, WA Aeroplane
Robert Marshall rob@curtisaviation.com.au 0409 645 724  NSW Aeroplane
Rodney Hyde r.hyde@unsw.edu.au 0409 736 871 NSW Aeroplane
Roger Gration rogergration69@gmail.com 0429 492 989 All states Aeroplane
Ronald Maurer ronmaurer67@gmail.com 0439 381 910 All states Helicopter
Russell Chan russellmtchan@gmail.com 0410 415 133 All states -
Russell Grundy fts.grundy@gmail.com 0439 612 614 All states Aeroplane
Scott Summers ssummers@aerotech.net.au 0429 942 167 All states Helicopter
Stephen Piech steve.piech@gmail.com 0413 555 018 All states Helicopter
Stephen Watson swatson7713@gmail.com 0400 822 684 Qld, NSW Aeroplane
Steven Reh stevereh1@gmail.com 0405 318 601 NSW, Qld Aeroplane
Theodoros Eleftheriadis theo1312@icloud.com 0419 593 293 All states Aeroplane
Timothy Baker baker72@me.com 0419 645 292 All states Aeroplane
Timothy Holland tim@pilotsolutions.com.au 0416 963 002 Qld, NSW Aeroplane
Tony Rickers tony@perthaviation.com.au 0427 685 925 WA, NSW, Qld Aeroplane
Trevor Jones Trevordhc1@gmail.com 0418 954 204 WA Aeroplane
Trevor Wilson tjslwilson@gmail.com 0419 744 942 All states Helicopter
Trudy Robins trudy@aviationshop.com.au 0412 711 437 WA Aeroplane
Wayne Clemesha wayne_clemesha@yahoo.com.au 0412 427 815 All states Aeroplane
William McIntyre mcintyre_b@bigpond.com 0407 930 717 All states Aeroplane
Last updated:
17 Nov 2022
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//licences-and-certificates/flight-training-and-examiners/flight-examiner-ratings-and-proficiency/examiner-rating-proficiency-check
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