Apply for navigation approval

You must apply for navigation approval for the following:

  • RVSM

You may declare on a flight plan that your aircraft has the capability to navigate in accordance with the following navigation specifications only if your aircraft and operation meet the requirements and you can provide evidence of meeting the requirements of Part 91 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR):

  • RNAV (RNP) 10
  • RNP 4
  • RNAV 5
  • RNAV 1 & 2
  • RNP 2
  • RNP 1

Operations by Australian registered aircraft overseas

Approval or authorisation may be required for operations overseas when required by the foreign National Airworthiness Authority (NAA). These apply to all of the navigation specifications as well as those requiring specific approval.

How to apply

  1. Step 1– Complete an application form

    For foreign applicants, contact us about international operator certificates and permissions.

    For Australian applicants, contact us if you:

    • can't download the appropriate form from our website
    • need help to complete the application form.

    Read the GM 91.045 entry in the Part 91 AMC/GM document to identify the correct form to be used. The Part 91 AMC/GM form is available from the AMC/GM webpage.

  2. Step 2 – Submit your application

    For Australian and foreign applicants, submit the form in accordance with the instructions on the form.

    You should submit it to us well before you need to use your navigation authorisation. This allows enough time for us to assess your application and issue your authorisation.

    Allow at least 90 days for us to process applications for the:

    • initial issue of a navigation authorisation to an operator
    • entry into service of a new aircraft type in the operator’s fleet.

    Late applications may mean we can't issue your navigation authorisation in time for your planned activities.

  3. Step 3 – Application review

    We will review your application to ensure you have:

    • answered the relevant questions
    • provided documentation that demonstrates compliance.

    Refer to any relevant advisory circulars for examples of supporting documents.

    You must ensure your application is signed by the appropriate person. This may be:

    • the intended registered operator
    • the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), if the registered operator is a company
    • an agent who has the necessary authorisation to sign on behalf of the registered operator.

    Necessary authorisation may consist of either a:

    • signed current Power of Attorney document
    • a letter signed by the registered operator, or the CEO if the registered operator is a company.

    If your application is not complete, we will contact you. We'll give you an opportunity to address and resolve it.

  4. Step 4 – Pay costs and submit supporting documents

    We will provide you with a cost estimate to process your application. We prepare this in accordance with the Civil Aviation (Fees) Regulations 1995. It will cover our time to assess your application, which includes any administrative costs to process and issue the authorisation.

    The estimate letter may also contain a list of any extra documents we need. To go ahead with your application, you must:

    • pay the amount stated in the estimate letter
    • submit the other supporting documents we listed.

    The estimate is valid for 30 days from the date we sent it. If we haven't received your payment and all supporting documents required within this time, we'll close your job and return your application to you.

  5. Step 5 – Initial assessment

    We will only start assessing your application after you pay and provide all supporting documents.

    The Permission Application Centre will then allocate your application to the relevant regional office, who will assess your application.

    If the application package is not correct or insufficient, we'll return all or part of the package for you to correct or complete.

    We may suspend your application if you do not provide requested documents within a reasonable timeframe. We will cancel any applications that remain suspended or dormant for more than 90 days.

  6. Step 6 - Detailed assessment

    The detailed assessment involves a document evaluation and inspection and tests to assess the airworthiness, continued airworthiness and flight operation elements for compliance with the relevant requirements for the authorisation being sought.

    The assessment is carried out in accordance with requirements under the relevant legislation.

    Assessment will also include any administration work carried out at the regional office to complete your job.

  7. Step 7 - Recommendation and approval

    The certification process begins when the assessment is complete. This work is conducted at the regional office who prepares a recommendation to the delegate to issue or not to issue the authorisation.

    At this stage, you will also be informed if:

    • our recommendation varies from what you have applied for
    • your application is declined.
    Note: Permission Application Centre standard timeframe for issue of approvals is 5 working days from when the regional office submits their recommendation.
  8. Step 8 - Issue of approval

    If approved, we will email or fax your permission documents by close of business the next working day. We'll send the original by mail.

    The Permission Application Centre will reconcile your account before issuing your authorisation. If required, they will:

    • issue you a refund
    • require you to pay the balance of any monies owing.
Last updated:
14 Apr 2022
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