Flight reviews

Flight reviews ensure pilots maintain the knowledge and skills needed to conduct flights safely.

Flight reviews are needed for both aircraft ratings and operational ratings and endorsements. For example:

  • aircraft class ratings
  • aircraft type ratings
  • low-level ratings
  • private instrument flight rules (IFR) ratings
  • night visual flight rules (VFR) ratings.To safely exercise the privileges of a rating, you must have completed a flight review for the rating within the last 2 years.

To safely exercise the privileges of a rating, you must have completed a flight review for the rating within the last 2 years.

Pilots conducting flights for an operator will likely be subject to operator proficiency checks (OPC) to determine their competency. Completion of an OPC may satisfy the flight review.

Who does the flight review

You must complete a flight review with an instructor authorised to conduct flight training for the relevant aircraft or operational rating.

You can complete the review in

  • an aircraft that can be flown under the relevant rating
  • an approved flight simulator for the flight review.

If the instructor determines you need refresher training, an authorised Part 141 or Part 142 flight instructor must conduct the flight review.


Your flight instructor will design a flight review that will allow them to best assess your competency.

You can include assessment for more than one rating in the same flight review. However you must do the review in an aircraft included under the relevant rating.

We also recommend you include training as part of your review.

Once you demonstrate competency according to the Part 61 Manual of Standards (MOS), the instructor will assess you as having completed the flight review.

The instructor may require you to complete additional refresher training. You can complete the flight review over multiple flights if needed.

When you pass the flight review, the flight instructor will inform us and we will update your pilot licence records. Your licence will show the codes for all ratings you have been issued as well as the details of your flight reviews.

A flight review is valid for 2 years from the day you completed it.

Logging flight time

If you do not receive training during the flight review, log the flight time as 'pilot-in-command under supervision' as per Part 61.095(3) of CASR.

If the flight review requires you to complete flight training, you should record the flight time in your logbook as dual flight time.

Regulation for flight reviews

Part 61 of CASR includes details about flight reviews under the limitations on exercise of privileges for:

  • certificates of validation – regulation 61.305
  • pilot licences—flight review – regulation 61.400
  • aircraft class ratings—flight review – regulation 61.745
  • pilot type ratings – regulation 61.800
  • private instrument ratings – regulation 61.925
  • private instrument endorsements – regulation 61.945
  • night VFR ratings – regulation 61.970
  • low‑level ratings – regulation 61.1060
  • glider pilot licences – regulation 61.1525
Last updated:
5 Dec 2021
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//licences-and-certificates/pilots/ratings-reviews-and-endorsements/flight-reviews-and-proficiency-checks/flight-reviews
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