Authority to taxi an aeroplane

When learning to fly you'll need to know the rules and requirements for taxiing an aeroplane. These rules are in Part 64 of CASR Authorisations for non-licensed personnel and Part 61 of CASR  Flight crew licensing.

Who can taxi an aeroplane

  • Student pilots if they are authorised to by a flight instructor
  • Pilot licence holders with an appropriate aircraft rating
  • Aircraft owners who meet the requirements
  • Aircraft maintenance engineers who meet the requirements

Requirements needed

To be authorised to taxi an aeroplane you must:

  • be at least 17 years old
  • hold a Part 64 certificate of competency which covers the aeroplane you wish to taxi has been issued within the last 5 years
  • have trained on the layout and operating procedures of the aerodrome by the operator of the aerodrome, the operator of the aeroplane or another person who has knowledge of the aerodrome
  • have permission to taxi the aeroplane from the owner or operator, or the operator’s airworthiness management organisation.

Student pilots can only taxi an aeroplane when under the direct supervision of an authorised person.

If you want to taxi an aeroplane at a controlled, certified, registered, military or non-controlled aerodrome, you need to hold an aeronautical radio operator certificate (AROC).

Part 64 certificate of competency

To get a Part 64 certificate of competency you must be assessed as competent for the relevant class or type of aeroplane.

Once your flight examiner, pilot instructor or person authorised by us has considered you able, they’ll complete your certificate of competency and issue it to you.

Your certificate of competency will list the class or type rating for the aeroplane you are authorised to taxi. Your certificate will also include an issue date and will be signed by the person who granted the certificate.

If requested, you must present your Part 64 certificate of competency to us for inspection.

Staying current

You will need to complete a competency check every 5 years. If you want to continue taxiing a class-rated or type-rated aeroplane, you need to have a current taxi certificate for that aeroplane class or type rating.

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6 Dec 2021
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