Using an Australian licence overseas

If you're going to work as a pilot overseas, there are some things your employer might ask for.

Letters to verify licence details

If your employer asks for a letter that verifies your licence details, we can send one.

The letter costs $50. It will include information we have about you, such as:

To request the letter:

  1. Fill in the Flight crew licence verification form
  2. Attach the supporting documents
  3. Email or post it to the address in the form.

If you're having trouble filling in your form, contact your flying school first. Contact us if you still need help.

Confirmation of accidents or incidents

Your employer may ask for a letter to confirm you haven't had an accident or incident.

You can ask for this letter using the aviation incident reporting summary request form.

Only the licence holder can fill in this form.

Certifying documents

There are certain people who can certify documents you send to us.

You may need someone to witness a statutory declaration for overseas work. Check the Attorney-General's list of approved witnesses for who can certify these documents.

If you are not in Australia, you will need to find an approved witness overseas.

Timing to process forms

If you're going overseas, make sure you leave enough time for us to process your forms.

Each type of application has an average turnaround time.

You can check your application's progress in your CASA self-service account.

More information

If you have questions about licencing regulations, contact your local Aviation Safety Advisor.

Contact us for any other questions or more information.

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4 Nov 2022
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