Multi-crew cooperation training

Multi-crew cooperation (MCC) training lets you take part in a multi-crew operation.

It gives you the knowledge and skills to do pilot-in-command or co-pilot duties, whether flying or monitoring.

The training is not for a particular type of aircraft – you can do it for helicopter or aeroplane.

Multi-crew operations

A multi-crew operation is where:

  • the aircraft is certificated for operation by a crew of at least 2 pilots (a multi-crew aircraft)
  • a crew of at least 2 pilots must operate the aircraft under the regulations.

Who should do MCC training

You must do multi-crew cooperation training if you want to get:

We recommend you do the MCC training before you start the aircraft type training.

Having a multi-crew type rating does not let you fly in a single-pilot type certificated aircraft unless you are also type-rated to fly it single-pilot.

Note: pilots who work for regular public transport may be exempt from completing a separate training course and instead may require a rating and 50 hours of experience. Further information is at CASA EX106/21 Flight crew licensing.

Where to do MCC training

You can do MCC training with:

If you're upgrading from a commercial pilot licence (CPL), you will do the MCC training as part of your upgrade to command.

If you have an ATPL, you can fly in multi-crew operations, even if you have no multi-crew operational experience. The training during your type rating ensures you're competent.

MCC training format

MCC training covers:

  • knowledge of ATPL human factors
  • practical experience in managing flight during multi-crew operations.

Details of what's in the training are in Part 61 Manual of Standards (MOS), Appendix B.3.

It includes classroom learning and practical training in a suitable flight simulation training device.

After the training

When you finish the training, your training provider will give you a course completion certificate.

Show that certificate to the flight examiner if you are doing a flight test for:

  • an ATPL
  • an MPL
  • your first multi-crew type rating.

Regulations for multi-crew operations

The rules for multi-crew operations are in these sections of Part 61 of CASR Flight crew licencing:

  • Regulation 61.510 – limitations on exercise of privileges of private pilot licences – multi-crew operations
  • Regulation 61.575 – limitations on exercise of privileges of commercial pilot licences – multi-crew operations
  • Regulation 61.655 – requirements for grant of multi-crew pilot licences
  • Regulation 61.700 – requirements for grant of air transport pilot licences
  • Regulation 61.785 – limitations on exercise of privileges of pilot type ratings – single-pilot operation and multi-crew operations
  • Regulation 61.822 – removal of type rating condition about acting as pilot in command
  • Regulation 61.845 – requirements for grant of cruise relief type ratings
  • Regulation 202.266 – removal of conditions on certain continued authorisations
  • Regulation 202.268 – removal of limitation on exercises of privileges of private or commercial pilot licences – multi-crew operations.
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