Book a flight crew exam

Before booking an exam, you’ll need an ARN (aviation reference number).

An ARN is like an account or customer number.

The process is quick and easy to apply online through the myCASA portal.

To apply you’ll need proof of identity, so have your ID documents handy.

What you’ll need to sit an exam

We use the flight crew licence exams software called Pilot Examination Office (PEXO).

PEXO will let you book or sit an exam if you have the mandatory pre-qualification, or if you have not been disqualified.

A disqualified person is someone who has:

  • already passed the exam or holds a licence or rating related to the exam
  • failed the particular subject exam and has not satisfied a re-training requirement
  • been suspended from sitting exams and whose suspension period is not yet completed.

Booking an exam

There are 2 ways to book an exam and pay the fees depending on which exam you want to book.

You can book your exam with:

  • an approved flying school (for RPL and PPL exams only)
  • our exam provider Aspeq who are authorised to conduct all flight crew licence exams.

Aspeq exam venues are available in many towns and cities throughout Australia. Check with Aspeq for information on locations, bookings and fees.

Last updated:
6 Jul 2022
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