Learn about using PEXO

A PEXO flight crew exam has questions that test you on your aeronautical knowledge.

Every question in an exam is scored. Answer all or as many questions as possible.

If 2 questions or more appear to be similar, you should answer all of them.

Our exams have 2 types of questions - multi-choice and ‘fill-in-the-box’ answers.

Multiple-choice questions

The multiple-choice question asks a problem and gives a number of alternative answers.

The alternative answers may vary from 3 to 5.

You should select one that you think is correct.

You can do this by clicking the button beside the preferred answer.

You can change your choice of answer as often as you need to.

'Fill-in-the-box' answers

All 'fill-in-the-box' questions need you to determine a numerical answer and enter it using the keyboard.

The number could be a:

  • distance
  • weight
  • time.

The number could also be anything that has a numerical value.

The number will appear on the screen next to the box, either before or after the box. You must enter your answer as a whole number, without any decimal places.

With each of these ‘fill-in-the-box’ questions, we tailor each individual question.

In some cases, where the question will have a specific value, e.g. 500 feet or 8 KM, we do not allow any +/- values.

In these cases, the numbers need to be an exact match to our answer.

We do allow reasonable tolerance for questions that need you to use P Charts, weight, balance or your navigation computer.

You should not be concerned about a small variation in TAS or G/S. We accept that you are using your navigation computer and will get slightly different values for the same question.

We will allow leeway for any questions that need you to use a graph to measure values off a map.

There may be some minor variations in conversion factors, for example for AVGAS, 0.71 or 0.72, and even within the AIP GEN 2.6 for lbs to KG, is it 2.2 or 2.2046.

However, if you use 0.80 (the AVTUR conversion factor) instead of 0.72 then your answer would be incorrect.

We apply the same approach to choosing all of these questions, whether it is for:

With 'fill-in-the-box' answers, you should enter a whole number only. Do not include any decimals.

E-learning module

To help you understand how PEXO works there is an interactive eLearning module available in AviationWorx.

It takes about 20 minutes to complete and shows the login process, screen layout and has some simple questions to complete.

To find the eLearning module:

  1. log in to myCASA or create an account
  2. click on AviationWorx
  3. use the Search feature to enter: PEXO
  4. register for Pilot Examination (PEXO).

Practice exams in PEXO

PEXO also has two practice exams called MYTH 01 and MYTH 02.

These exams work like any other PEXO exam.

The topic of the exam is Greek Mythology so you can't mistake them for an aviation exam. Typically, candidates score about 15% to 25% depending on their guessing skills rather than knowledge of Greek mythology.

The MYTH exams work exactly the same way as any other PEXO exam with two significant differences:

  1. There is no charge for the MYTH exam - it's a free exam.
  2. Candidates who sit this exam at some future date can request 'Examination and assessment report'. This lists all of their exam results (successful and otherwise) then the results for the MYTH exam which is automatically removed from the report and it is not listed at all.

The MYTH exam is available through flight schools approved to conduct PEXO exams.

Last updated:
10 Nov 2023
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//licences-and-certificates/pilots/pilot-and-flight-crew-exams/prepare-your-exam/learn-about-using-pexo
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