6.10 Tests of colour vision

Do you have severe colour vision deficiency (CVD)? You can still pursue your career in aviation with the help of the aviation colour vision assessment (ACVA) test. This test is being finalised for inclusion in the flight examiners manual. It will be available after we train flight examiners.

To take the ACVA you must have attempted and not passed all the required colour vision tests first. This includes up to and including colour assessment and diagnosis (CAD) test.

Colour vision testing follows a sequence:

  1. Pseudoisochromatic plates (Ishihara PIP)
  2. Farnsworth lantern test (FALANT) or Optec 900 test
  3. Colour assessment and diagnosis (CAD) test.

If you pass any of these tests you satisfy requirements for the issue of an unrestricted Class 1 or Class 2 medical certificate.

The ACVA test

The ACVA is a practical flying test. The test checks your ability to accurately interpret operational information conveyed by the PAPI (Precision Approach Indicator Lights) in the required timeframe.

If you have CVD and you did not pass the 3 tests you can progress through to CPL/ATPL with flagging endorsements. These flagging endorsements may limit flying to ‘Day VFR’ (visual flight rules) only and ‘multicrew only’ where relevant in an operational setting.

We may consider removing a ‘Day VFR’ endorsement if you take the ACVA test.

Passing and failing the ACVA test

If you pass the ACVA test, your ‘Day VFR’ endorsement will be removed and replaced with ‘Valid for Night Flying without Passengers’.

Once you meet the ATPL IFR/Night hours component we can remove:

  • ‘Valid for Night Flying without Passengers’ endorsement
  • ‘Valid for instrument flight rules (IFR) or night flying as or with co‐pilot who does not have a multi‐crew restriction’ for CPL.

If you fail the ACVA test you can attempt the test only one more time. You must conduct this test as a separate flight.

You may only sit the ACVA test if you have not passed any of the colour vision tests up to and including the CAD test.

Contact us to learn more about the ACVA test and how it can help you progress through your aviation career.

Updated: 11 April 2022
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//designated-aviation-medical-examiners-handbook/610-tests-colour-vision
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