Flight crew licensing (FCL) technical working group

This group is also referred to as Parts 61, 141 and 142 TWG.

The role of the flight crew licensing TWG is to:

  • provide industry sector insight and understanding of current needs and challenges
  • identify current safety concerns associated with CASR Parts 61, 141 and 142
  • identify current problem areas associated with CASR Parts 61, 141 and 142 that are causing cost and/or administrative impost without demonstrable safety benefit
  • provide current, relevant technical expertise for the development, analysis and review of legislative and non-legislative solutions to the identified issues.

Read more about Part 61 of CASR Flight crew licensing.

Latest update

The TWG contributed to the introduction of various specialist pilot endorsement instruments. The current focus of the group is to assist with proposed amendments to the Part 61 Manual of Standards that seeks to facilitate industry-conducted flight examiner rating courses.


  • Max Bladon
  • Adrianne Flemming
  • Maddy Johnson
  • Shane Lawrey
  • Rodney Manning
  • Nat Nagy
  • Pine Pienaar
  • Graham Stokes
  • Will Tidmarsh
  • Myles Tomkins
  • Ben Wyndham.

Tasking instructions

Report and outcomes

Last updated:
10 Nov 2023
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//about-us/who-we-work/aviation-safety-advisory-panel/technical-working-groups/flight-crew-licensing-fcl-technical-working-group
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