Plan for the plume


New power station operating near Shellharbour Airport.

If you’re flying in the Wollongong and Shellharbour areas, be aware that the new Tallawarra B power station has commenced operations and may produce a high velocity plume. 

Plan for plume - 1,700 ft AMSL

The power station may produce a high-velocity plume which can cause turbulence if you fly over the plume at or below 1,700 ft AMSL. The plume will not be visible to pilots when it occurs. 

To support the safety of air traffic in the area, the power station exhaust stack will have warning lights and a local aerodrome frequency response unit (AFRU) will broadcast messages when the station is operating.

Remember to plan ahead

All operators and pilots are reminded to review the Aeronautical Information Package (AIP), including the ERSA and visual terminal charts (VTC) which have been updated to show the location of the plume. Where possible, plan your flight to avoid flying over the power station. 

Note that the Sydney VTC currently shows the plume impact below 700 ft AGL but will be updated in the next ERSA to reflect 1,700 ft AGL. The change has been reflected in local NOTAMs.

About Tallawarra B

Located in the Illawarra region in NSW, Tallawarra B is a new power station that operates intermittently when extra energy resources are required. It is located approximately 2.4 nm northeast of Shellharbour Airport. 

Tallawarra B is an initiative of the NSW Government with Energy Australia. CASA has provided technical advice on the plume. We have been working closely with local operators to raise awareness to ensure the ongoing safety for pilots in the area. We will continue to monitor and collect data about the plume. If you do experience any issues when flying near the power station, please report your concerns about aviation safety.

We have developed an informational flyer for local operators.

Online version available at:
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