Maintenance info sessions now on YouTube


As Maintenance Month draws to a close, those who missed our specialised webinars can now catch up by watching them on our YouTube channel.

Maintenance month

Myth busting modular licensing

The first webinar, 'Myth busting modular licensing,' features Craig Johnson, section manager of Maintenance Personnel Licensing Specialist Services, Mick McGill, senior standards officer, and Pete Ball, aviation safety advisor. They discuss the introduction of modular licensing, provide essential information, and address common misunderstandings and FAQs.

The apprentice

In the second webinar, industry representative Sheridan Austin explores the journey of transforming an apprentice into a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer. This session reviews the challenges faced by apprentices and employers and aims to spark a conversation on navigating complex processes.

Changing lanes

The final webinar features Josh Kilgour, one of CASA’s 2023 Aviation Maintenance Engineer scholarship recipients, who shares his personal journey towards attaining a licence. Josh discusses how he stayed focused and on track despite numerous challenges, providing insight and encouragement to others on the same path.

Watch the full series on YouTube.

Online version available at:
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