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Unsafe drone operations complaint form

Report unsafe drone operations

Have you witnessed unsafe remotely piloted aircraft (drone) operations?

Complete this form to notify CASA of remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) operations you believe have breached civil aviation safety regulations.

Please note that as the safety regulator, the issue of privacy is not in our remit and therefore we can not enforce privacy related matters.

Safety breaches can only be investigated where there is sufficient evidence, such as photos or video recordings of the breach and the person controlling the RPA at the time.

Your details

What safety breach do you believe occurred?


We are unable to pursue enforcement action unless we have sufficient evidence.

Please provide photographic/video evidence showing the related safety breach. If this footage does not clearly display the individual operating the RPA, further evidence may be required.

For evidence already located online, please provide the URL below.

If you wish to supply evidence not located online, such as photographs or video, you can email the files to the CASA RPAS Team at rpas@casa.gov.au

Please be aware, the total file size of this evidence cannot exceed 10MB. If you wish to supply larger files, please contact the CASA RPAS Team via the email above on how to do this.

The URL of any evidence that can be found online .

Incident details

When did this incident occur?


Where did this incident occur?

What type of remotely piloted aircraft was involved?

*Please note: Operational limitations for the safe operation of unmanned aircraft may vary depending on whether the aircraft is being used for commercial or recreational purposes.

Who was operating the RPA?

Other details

Any other details you believe would be beneficial for potential enforcement action.

Please provide details below.

Section 5 - Information

Thank you for taking the time to report this alleged incident involving a remotely piloted aircraft.

We take all reports of unsafe RPA operations seriously. Providing sufficient evidence is available, we will investigate the incident further, and where appropriate; take enforcement action.

In accordance with privacy legislation, we may not be able to release information about our investigation into this matter. We may contact you for further information or clarification. While we do take every precaution to protect your identity, due to the nature of the information, it may be clear that you provided the information.