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Report unsafe drone operations

Use this form to report drone operations you think might have broken the drone safety rules.

We cannot enforce privacy related matters.

Safety breaches can only be investigated where there is sufficient evidence, such as photos or video recordings of the breach and the person controlling the drone at the time.

Nature of the incident

Our remit is aviation safety. We cannot enforce privacy related matters. You may wish to contact either your state police or the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

Our remit is aviation safety. Rules to do with wildlife are the responsibility of state wildlife agencies.  

The incident

Please submit your report.

Their details

We are only able to take details of a complaint from someone who saw the unsafe activity. Please ask that they complete this complaint themselves or call 131 757 to speak to an operator about their concerns.

Details of the incident
Drone operator

It can be hard for us to consider your report if we don’t have a witness statement or evidence of who was flying the drone at the time. However, the information you provide may help to support another investigation or complaint.

Drone operator details
Please provide us with their name and contact details.
This might be a description or other relevant information.
The drone
Include any colours and markings you noticed.
Further information

We are unable to enforce rule breaches without sufficient evidence.

About you
Your contact information and identity will not be disclosed and will be treated in the strictest of confidence. It will not be passed to the drone operator. You can read our privacy policy.

Without your contact details we are unable to contact you for additional information or clarification.

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