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Data files

Aircraft register data files


acrftreg.csv approximately 7.6MB comma-delimited text file

acrftreg.zip approximately 1 Mb zip compressed version of the text file

2015 - End of Year

2014 - End of Year

2013 - End of Year

Tips to help you download the files

The following information will help you download and export the data files.

Data integrity

If you think any of the information in the data files or reports is incorrect, please email aircraftregistrar@casa.gov.au with the correct information.


Aircraft Register information

For reasons which are explained below, aircraft registration information published on the CASA website is not necessarily a contemporaneous record of aircraft information and CASA therefore does not guarantee the accuracy of the published information. The information made available is sourced from CASA’s Data Files and registration documents lodged by aircraft owners and operators. This includes information beyond that contained in the Australian Civil Aircraft Register that CASA is required to make publicly available under regulations 47.030 and 47.080 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR 1998). For privacy reasons, personal information such as contact details may not be fully published on the CASA website.

Aircraft maximum take-off weight

Aircraft maximum take-off weights (MTOW) displayed in the CASA Data Files (CSV format) reflect the weights applicable to new aircraft when first flown and may not reflect the weight currently approved for a particular aircraft. Airspace and aerodrome operators should not rely on this data for billing or costing purposes, but should make their own MTOW enquiries. Parties who rely on the specified weights in the Data Files for billing, costing or similar purposes do so at their own risk. CASA accepts no responsibility for financial disputes between parties that may arise from MTOW issues.

Certificate of Airworthiness information

The Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA) information published in the CASA Data Files (CSV format) may not reflect the current airworthiness status of the relevant aircraft. The CofA category published for a particular aircraft usually reflects the category assigned to that aircraft when the CofA was issued. It should not be relied on to determine whether that CofA is still current or whether the aircraft is still in an airworthy condition.

ICAO Type Designators

CASA accepts no responsibility for errors regarding the published Designators in the CASA Data Files (CSV format). Refer to the ICAO website for the correct ICAO Type Designator for an aircraft. Please contact the Aircraft Register if you discover any discrepancies between the ICAO Type Designator information on the ICAO website and the Data Files.

Registration Holder (RH) and Registered Operator (RO) commencement dates

The commencement dates shown for the registration holder and the registered operator are the dates that CASA recorded those respective entities against the relevant aircraft on the Australian Civil Aircraft Register. These dates may not reflect the date that a transfer of title occurred or the date that a registration holder appointed a particular registered operator.