3.2 Qualifications and experience

Initial appointment

Persons designated by CASA to perform Flight Crew and Air Traffic Services medical examinations must be registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Authority or (for doctors in other jurisdictions, the country in which they practice as DAMEs).

In accordance with regulation 67.045 of CASR, a person may only be appointed as a DAME if the applicant has received training in aviation medicine or has demonstrated competence in aviation medicine. Possession of the 'Australian Certificate in Civil Aviation Medicine' or similar qualification is the normal minimum requirement for appointment as a DAME. A list of approved aviation medicine courses that CASA will routinely approve for this purpose is available on the CASA website. It includes face-to-face and online training. Applicants for appointment as DAMEs on the basis of completion of other courses should contact CASA's DAME Liaison Officer using our aviation medical enquiries webform to discuss requirements.

DAOs are encouraged to undertake the full DAME training course which will provide the context in which they provide their services. These practitioners are required to undertake continuing professional education approved by CASA. CASA will accept evidence of completion of continuing professional education required by an appropriate professional college, association or registration authority as satisfying this requirement.

It is a condition of appointment, that DAMEs, DAOs and COs resident in Australia are required to be members of the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine (ASAM). Overseas DAMEs are expected to show evidence of membership of a suitable aerospace medicine association to facilitate continuing professional development

All designated examiners should, as far as possible, be aware of the conditions in which applicants for medical certification are employed or operate. CASA encourages designated examiners to acquire practical experience of these conditions.

Designation is usually granted only to practitioners in full-time practice. For practitioners who are not in fulltime practice, an adequate level of availability must be demonstrated. Designation can be granted for more than one location, subject to approval.

Prior to appointment, and periodically thereafter, DAMEs are required to give an undertaking to abide by specified conditions of appointment. This is contained Application for appointment or reappointment as Designated Aviation Medical Examiner or Designated Aviation Ophthalmologist form 755.

Renewal of appointment

It is a condition of appointment, that DAMEs are required to attend periodic training seminars or courses in aviation medicine approved by CASA. Approved aviation medicine courses and seminars are posted on the CASA website. Attendance at other aerospace medicine scientific meetings, may contribute to meeting this requirement, but DAMEs should check with CASA first.

DAMEs may also apply individually for approval of other appropriate training activities. Documented attendance at an appropriate activity is required as per the guidelines published on the web site.

Continued designation as a DAME is subject to the conditions set out in the application for appointment in Application for appointment or reappointment as Designated Aviation Medical Examiner or Designated Aviation Ophthalmologist form 755.

Updated: 11 April 2022
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//search-centre/manuals-and-handbooks/designated-aviation-medical-examiners-handbook/22-qualifications-and-experience
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