AvSafety investigation video – Runway incursion worksheet

front page of the AvSafety worksheet

Use this worksheet together with the AvSafety investigation video – runway incursion.

The worksheet helps you start a conversation or test your knowledge about aviation safety. It contains questions to aid comprehension and support discussion.

Use the worksheets if you are a:

  • instructor at flying schools or aeroclubs to lead a discussion
  • pilot to quiz themselves
  • someone who mentors new pilots.

This episode of the AvSafety investigation video, our panellists analyse an incident at Perth Airport where an aircraft crossed a stop bar and entered an active runway.

Starting your worksheet

Before you start your worksheet, watch our AvSafety investigation video – runway incursion.

Visit the pilot safety hub to refresh your knowledge before your next flight.

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Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//search-centre/all-publications/avsafety-investigation-video-runway-incursion-worksheet
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