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Safety management

Safety management involves managing aviation, safety and operations in a systematic, organised way in order to minimise risk.

Safety management systems

Information and tools to help in developing and implementing a safety management system, including the second edition of our resource kit ‘SMS for aviation: a practical guide’.

Managing alcohol and other drugs

Aviation, as in other forms of transport, has rules about the use of alcohol and other drugs. This is a guide to the regulation (CASR Part 99) about alcohol and other drugs management and testing in aviation.

Fatigue management

Information and tools for aviation operators and pilots to help them understand and manage fatigue risks to support safety outcomes.

Emergencies and incident reporting

There are a range of ways to report safety issues and make a complaint about aviation activities and services.


Information about health and safety for those who fly, whether as passengers, aircraft crew or air traffic controllers

Environmental conditions

Environmental factors can affect flight safety. Pilots can plan and prepare for some of these conditions.


There are many potential hazards in aviation, things which could cause harm or injury, such as wildlife, fatigue, wires.

Human factors

Human factors considers people’s capabilities and limitations at work and at leisure. It includes social and personal skills such as communication and leadership, as well as the physical and psychological factors that influence interaction with our environment. They should be considered along with technical skills, as both are important for safe and efficient aviation.

Air travel

When we regulate civil aviation, we give priority to the safety of passengers. Even if you’ve been on an aircraft many times, plan to make your next trip safer.

Air freight

Information about dangerous goods for those who may be considering sending freight by air, or whose business is air freight.

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Last modified: 23 June 2019