Part 173 of CASR explanation of changes

Rule change

We’re currently making changes to Part 173 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR). The information provided in this section outlines what is changing, what you need to know and do, and links to any relevant guidance and reference material. 

What is changing

Part 173 and its associated Manual of Standards (MOS) were developed in the early 2000s and largely transported earlier standards from the Manual of Operational Standards to the new Part 173 MOS. New material concerning the introduction and management of the then new procedures design regulatory environment was added.

The active project will review and amend Part 173 of CASR and its associated MOS with the intent of amending its standards and provisions to reflect changes to technology and industry developments. This amendment process may proceed on a topic-by-topic basis to avoid large scale changes to the procedures design operating environment. 

Guidance material

There are no current guidance materials related to changes for Part 173 of CASR.

Online version available at:
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