Part 20 of CAR Transitional provisions

Rule status


Part 20 of the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 (CAR) contains various transitional provisions.

These provisions relate to circumstances where provisions of the regulations or the Air Navigation Orders that have been:

  • repealed or amended
  • modified for a circumstance relating to those provisions.

Who it affects

Part 20 of CAR affects all aviation personnel.

Legislative instruments

Legislative instruments apply to a broad range of people. These instruments include Manuals of Standards and exemptions to regulatory requirements that apply to classes of people. For example, when an instrument applies to all flight crew who hold a licence.

Instruments related to this part will display in this space or you can view our list of legislative instruments.

Non-legislative instruments

Non-legislative instruments apply to a particular person. Some exemptions to regulatory requirements in aviation regulations or a Manual of Standards are listed here.

Non-legislative instruments related to this part will display in this space or you can view our list of non-legislative instruments.

Guidance material

Advisory material provides advice and guidance to explain particular regulatory requirements. Guidance material relating to this part will appear in this space or you can view all our guidance material.

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