AvSafety podcast – Weather in a changing environment

In this episode of the AvSafety podcast we look at all things weather and forecasting.  We discover how pilots get on top of interpreting weather forecasts. We also chat with an expert about their advice for pilots on what they need to do when the weather turns. 

Your host Tim Penney chats with Lea Vesic, a commercially rated pilots who spends most of her time flying around the countryside for fun. Lea tells the hair-raising story of her last flight before achieving her private pilot license. She recalls how her training played a big role as she crossed the VFR waypoint and saw a wall of dark clouds on the horizon. 

In this episode, we also hear from Michael Paech, a forecaster at the Bureau of Meteorology in Brisbane. Michael shares insightful recommendations for pilots who are flying in and out of their local aerodrome and about the value of knowing our topography, how this effects the local winds, and the impacts on cloud formation. 

A small plane sitting on a taxiway as a storm fills the sky behind it
A small plane sitting on a taxiway as a storm fills the sky behind it
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//resources-and-education/publications-and-resources/av-recording/avsafety-podcast-weather-changing-environment
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