Cabin safety bulletin 2: Disorderly passengers

Cabin safety bulletin 2 provides guidance about disorderly passengers and the threat they pose to safety of the aircraft, crew, and other passengers.

Along with this bulletin, you should also read:

  • section 24 of the Civil Aviation Act 1988
  • Part 91 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998
    • CASR 91.525 Offensive or disorderly behaviour
    • CASR 91.580 Passengers – compliance with safety instructions by cabin crew.

You can also read our online version of the disorderly passengers safety bulletin

Purpose of the bulletin

Cabin safety bulletin 2 has a range of recommendations and advice for operators around incidents and offences related to disruptive passengers.

The bulletin describes what categorises unruly and disruptive passengers and passengers who fail to respect the rules of conduct on board an aircraft.

The bulletin includes information about:

  • consequences of disruptive behaviour from passengers
  • types of reported incidents
  • advice and resources around denying boarding
  • recommendations when passengers interfere with crew members and options
  • passengers being disrupting COVID-19 measures
  • crew member training along with samples for training programs and report data gathering.
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