Aircraft engineer exams

Which exams you need to take will depend on the training pathway you have chosen.

Part 147 MTO training pathway

Under the Part 147 MTO training pathway, your training organisation will assess you against each unit of competency in the Aeroskills training package that is applicable to the category or subcategory of licence or modular licence you are applying for.

You must also sit the maintenance training organisation (MTO)'s basic knowledge module exams applicable to either:

  • the category or subcategory of licence
  • modular licence.

Self-study training pathway

Under our Part 66 self-study training pathway, you must sit our basic knowledge module exams applicable to either one of the following you are appling for:

  • the category or subcategory of licence
  • modular licence.

Refer to Appendix I, Part 2 and Part 2A of the Part 66 Manual of Standards (MOS) for information on the basic knowledge modules required.

Booking a CASA basic knowledge module exam

Aspeq conducts all our basic knowledge module exams on our behalf for candidates using the self-study training pathway.

When you are ready to sit a module exam, you can attend any of the designated exam sitting locations across the country.

Visit the Aspeq website for more information on:

  • how to book an exam
  • what to do if you fail an exam
  • exam fees
  • exam schedules
  • exam venues.

Exam fees

Under the self-study pathway, you will pay an examination fee to sit each module exam. The cost will correspond to the length of the module exam sitting times. We will advise the cost of the exam when you book the exam.

If you fail an exam, you must wait a set period until you can rebook.

See Appendix 2 of the Part 66 MOS for further information.

Aircraft type rating exams

You can sit aircraft type rating exams conducted by either:

The exams cover a specific type of aircraft, engine and aircraft systems covered by the approved course syllabus.

We list CASA-approved MTO aircraft type training courses in Part 2 of the Approved Part 147 training organisations advisory circular (PDF).

Further guidance

The following forms are relevant to Part 66 licensing applications.

Aircraft type ratings

Aircraft welding authority

Maintenance authority

Non-destructive testing authority 

Part 66: initial licence/additional category or subcategory

Part 66 licence: using self-study

Part 66 licence: using TTMRA

Training outcomes

Weight control authority 

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