Apply for model aircraft flight authorisations

To operate model aircraft or a drone for fun or sport in some locations, additional permissions or approvals are required.

You can apply to operate in the following conditions:

  • Above 120 m (400 ft) above ground level (AGL)
  • Within 5.5 km (3 nm) of a controlled aerodrome
  • A model aircraft weighing more than 25 kg
  • Within Restricted Airspace
  • Over the movement area of a non-controlled aerodrome
  • Model flying display
  • First person view (FPV) flying

You do not need to hold a remote pilot licence (RePL) or remote operator’s certificate (ReOC) to apply for these permissions or approvals. Commercial operators must apply for flight authorisations.

How to apply

  1. Complete the form:

    Model aircraft model flight authorisation area approval
  2. Provide the following supporting documentation:

    • A map with an aerial view of the location, such as a screenshot from Google Earth or a diagram, displaying the required information
    • Any applicable aviation navigation charts (VTC/VNC/WAC)
    • Evidence of stakeholder engagement
    • Documented procedures for your operation, including version control
    Form 1589 Airspace Risk Assessment
  3. Email your completed form and supporting documentation with enough information to assess your application.

  4. Pay the assessment fee provided by us on review of your application.

  5. Participate in an interview and/or practical flight test, if required.

Model aircraft categories

Your application will require you to specify the type of model aircraft you intend to operate in these conditions. You can nominate multiple types in your application.

Categories of model aircraft include:

  • multi-rotor
  • aeroplane
  • helicopter
  • powered lift.

What to expect

Model aircraft flight authorisations can take 7 to 28 days to review and issue once payment is received.

To avoid any unnecessary delays or additional costs, ensure all required documentation specified in the application checklist is submitted with your completed form.

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4 Dec 2021
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