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Look out for the drone safety advocate symbol

CASA is working with drone retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers so that you can be confident you’re buying your drone from a supplier who takes drone safety seriously.

CASA-recognised drone safety advocates pledge to follow a specific set of guidelines when selling drones, to ensure they provide you with important safety information on when, where, and how you can use your drone safely – before you take-off.

When buying a drone, we encourage you to look out for the drone safety advocate symbol to ensure you’re buying a drone from a responsible supplier.

CASA-recognised drone safety advocates

CASA-recognised drone safety advocate JB HI FI

CASA-recognised drone safety advocate: Georges Cameras

If you're a drone retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer you can sign-up to become a CASA-recognised drone safety advocate.

Disclaimer: CASA is a government body that regulates Australian aviation safety. We licence pilots, register aircraft, oversee and promote safety. We do not endorse individual retailers or products.