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Aircraft safety

Australia has one of the best aviation safety records in the world.


We inspect aircraft, facilities and processes to ensure they comply with relevant law and safety standards. 

Ramp checks

We do ramp checks as part of our general surveillance process to make sure that aircraft are operated safely and in accordance with regulations.

Cabin safety

Cabin safety focuses on the many ways to mitigate hazards that passengers and crew are exposed to during all phases of flight.

Fuel management

Learn how to apply good fuel management practices and follow established procedures.

Electronic flight bag

The electronic flight bag (EFB) is an electronic storage and display system designed to replace paper products in the cockpit. All AOC holders must read and comply with the civil aviation orders.

Air displays

Guidelines on the minimum safety and administrative procedures necessary to run air displays.

Carriage and discharge of firearms from an aircraft

Apply for carriage and discharge of firearms permissions if you are an operator or individual who carries firearms or carries and discharges firearms from an aircraft.

Last modified: 11 September 2020