About the National Runway Safety Group

The National Runway Safety Group (NRSG) is a State Safety Programme hazard-specific working group that facilitates state-level visibility and continuous improvement in safety performance, specific to runway safety in Australia. 

It uses feedback from these forums and other sources to develop and implement national strategies to improve runway safety.

Current membership 

Membership of the NRSG enables broad industry participation in the identification, development, implementation and promotion of runway safety initiatives at national and local levels and within the members’ own organisation. 

It's imperative that NRSG members are able to actively engage in NRSG activities and safety initiatives and be in a position to influence change in their own organisation. 

NRSG members:

  • CASA (chair and coordination staff) 
  • Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development 
  • Airservices 
  • Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) 
  • Defence 
  • Australian Airports Association (AAA) 
  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) 
  • Australian Airline Pilots Association (AusALPA) 
  • Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA) 
  • Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) 
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) 
  • airport operators (incl. capital-city, Metro-D and regional airports) 
  • airlines 
  • major flying schools/training organisations 

Note: as the NRSG is deliberative rather than decision making by nature, there is no requirement to establish a quorum necessary to conduct meetings. 

Terms of reference 

Read the National Runway Safety Group’s terms of reference

Meeting minutes and outcomes

Read about the group’s decisions and actions in the meeting minutes.

  • NRSG meeting minutes 2 October 2019 (PDF 1.61 MB)

For all NRSG agenda items and queries, contact the secretariat.

Global runway safety plans

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has published its:

  • Global Aviation Safety Plan
  • Global Runway Safety Action Plan.

In these publications, the ICAO urges states to reduce runway safety occurrences, such as runway incursions, excursions and confusion.

Through its Global Runway Safety Action Plan, the ICAO strongly promotes and recommends the establishment of local runway safety teams at aerodromes to reduce runway-related accidents and incidents.

Runway safety is a key element of Australia's State Safety Programme (SSP) and a common area of safety focus across the Australian aviation industry. The NRSG is an SSP hazard-specific working group.

Controls for runway safety risks require the coordinated effort of:

  • aerodrome operators
  • aircraft operators and pilots
  • air navigation service providers
  • regulatory authorities.

Local runway safety teams

Local runway safety teams are critical to the success of the national runway safety program.

A team is established to:

  • identify current and emerging issues relating to runway safety at a particular aerodrome
  • implement initiatives in a targeted, tailored and timely manner to assure the safety of operations.

The outcomes of the teams:

  • inform the NRSG
  • enable national trends to be identified and develops strategic programs.

Any local runway safety matter should be directed to the local runway safety team at the respective aerodrome. The ICAO has initiated a program of registering local runway safety teams. View the ICAO-registered teams or register your team.

Runway safety resources

The ICAO and Air Services Australia have developed resources to help local runway safety teams and industry improve runway safety:

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21 Mar 2022
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