Vertiport design and operations (VDO) technical working group

The role of the vertiport design and operations technical working group (VDOTWG) is to provide:

  • the industry sector an insight and understanding of:
    • future needs and challenges
    • cost structure, industry viability and risk controls and control effectiveness
  • current and relevant technical expertise for the development, analysis and review of legislative and nonā€legislative solutions to identified issues
  • help in developing and reviewing:
    • draft regulations
    • guidance materials
    • other supporting materials
  • endorsement, conditional endorsement, or both, of:
    • draft regulation
    • guidance materials
    • other supporting materials for consideration by the Aviation Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP) and CASA.

The guiding principles for the VDOTWG will be:

  • performance-based specifications based on the operations and aircraft the vertiport intends to support
  • vertiport certification based on industry needs rather than mandated triggers
  • scalable and flexible aviation safety regulations for vertiport design and operations.

Latest update

TWG discussion has been focused on the regulatory framework and certification options for vertiports. TWG input is also being involved in the development of a vertiport design and operation guide.


  • Brett Eaton
  • Abdulghani Mohamed
  • Amanda Meys
  • Richard Eva
  • Mark Roots
  • David Penny
  • Rob Weaver
  • Colin Weir
  • Suzanne Walker
  • Julieana Simunic
  • Simon Whalley
  • Clem Newton-Brown
  • Dan Parsons

Tasking instructions

Vertiport design and operations TWG tasking instructions (PDF, 216.51 KB)

Reports and outcomes

VDO TWG 1st meeting report 9 May 2024 (PDF, 240.77 KB)
Last updated:
10 Nov 2023
Online version available at:
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