Australian future airspace framework (AFAF) technical working group

The role of the Australian future airspace framework (AFAF) technical working group (TWG) is to:

  • provide us with industry sector insights, information and resources regarding current needs and challenges
  • provide us with current and relevant technical expertise for the development, analysis and review of legislative and non-legislative solutions
  • draft regulations, guidance materials and other supporting materials
  • endorse or conditionally endorse new resources for consideration by the:
    • Aviation Safety Advisory Panel
    • Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Resources that are considered for endorsement may include:

  • draft regulations
  • guidance materials
  • other supporting materials.

Latest update

The development of the initial volumes of the AFAF has experienced delays. The TWG will be engaged again when these volumes are at an appropriate stage for TWG input. They are currently planning to meet in March 2024.


AFAF TWG members include:

  • Andrew Andersen
  • Neil Bain
  • Matt Bouttell
  • Graham Brown
  • Jacey Cornwall
  • Paul Doherty
  • Julian Fraser
  • Lachlan Gray
  • Michael Krischunas
  • Dick Mackerras
  • Tom McRobert
  • Scott Mitchell
  • Leo Monkivitch
  • Nat Nagy
  • Daniel Smith
  • Greg Tyrell
  • Ben Wyndham.

Tasking instructions

Reports and outcomes

There currently no reports from the AFAF TWG.

Last updated:
23 Jan 2024
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