New colour vision testing policy finalised


We have finalised the new testing policy for pilots with colour vision deficiency.

A male pilot in the cockpit

Pilots can now book an Australian Operational Colour Vision Assessment (AOCVA) with certified flight examiners.

If a pilot passes the AOCVA, they will be issued with a Class 1 or Class 2 medical certificate with no restrictions.

‘We would like to thank and acknowledge the efforts of our stakeholders who have worked with us to find a pragmatic solution,’ says Andreas Marcelja, Executive Manager of Stakeholder and Engagement Division at CASA.

‘We believe that our revised policy ensures we address safety risks, while providing flexibility and certainty for colour vision deficient pilots.’

We would like to recognise and thank the Aviation medicine colour vision deficiency technical working group and the aviation community for their support to ensure the new policy is fit for purpose and provides change for affected pilots.

For more information, visit our Colour vision assessment for medical certificates webpage.

Online version available at:
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