New advice for anyone flying a model aircraft or drone for fun or education


We have updated Advisory Circular (AC) 101-03: Flying a model aircraft or drone for recreation or education.

A man and his daughter flying a drone together

The updated advice reflects the latest rules and includes guidance for people flying model aircraft or drones for fun or educational purposes.

The advice applies to:

  • people who build and fly model aircraft or drones for recreation
  • model aircraft and recreational drone clubs
  • model aircraft associations
  • schools and higher education providers who fly model aircraft or drones under 7kg for educational, training and research purposes.

What this means

The updated advice includes:

  • current regulations, policy and procedures
  • information for applying for model aircraft flight authorisations
  • further explanatory information on the drone safety rules
  • new Military Operating Areas (MOA)
  • guidance for operating near airport approach and departure paths and helicopter landing sites.

More information

For more information on these changes, see the:

Advisory circulars should always be read in conjunction with the relevant regulations.

Online version available at:
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