Visual Flight Rules Guide

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The Visual Flight Rules Guide (VFRG) helps pilots prepare, plan and fly safely under the visual flight rules. The guide explains the rules in plain English and by using practical information and examples.

If you use this guide, you will be meeting the general operating and flight rules.

This guide does not replace the regulations or other guidance material and may not include all of the information in the rules.

However, the guide does let you know where you can find more information, such as in the regulations or a Manual of Standards.

There are several ways to get a copy of the guide:

You can take an official copy of the VFRG into your recreational pilot licence or private pilot licence exam.

The updated guide consists of 7 chapters:

  1. Know your rules and responsibilities
  2. Planning your fight
  3. Flying your aircraft
  4. Flying your helicopter
  5. Radio communication procedures
  6. Decision-making and hazards
  7. Dealing with emergency situations.

Updated pages within the VFRG

Occasionally we need to update content in the VFRG. If you download a soft copy, it will always have the most up-to-date content.

If you purchased the hard copy version 7.0, you will need to download, print and replace the following pages.

Online version available at:
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