CASR Subpart 175.C (Data Service Providers) Technical Assessor Guidance

The Civil Aviation Safety Regulation (CASR) Subpart 175.C (Data Service Providers) Technical Assessor Guidance document is for use by our technical assessors. It sets out the standards and requirements for Data Service Providers.

Data Service Providers are persons authorised to publish or supply data pilots can use as an alternative to:

  • the Integrated Aeronautical Information Package (IAIP)
  • aeronautical charts.

Data Service Providers can also supply data for use in aeronautical navigation databases for:

  • Flight Management Computers
  • Flight Management Systems
  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems.

The document guides our officers when assessing an application for a Subpart 175.C certificate. It ensures a consistent method for:

  • assessing compliance with the regulations
  • documenting decisions we make.

We have published the guidance for reference only. It provides people in the aviation industry with an overview of the technical assessment. It does not detail the complete assessment process and only focuses on the elements required by the regulations.

The document combines:

  • CASR Subpart 175.C Technical Assessor Handbook
  • CASR Subpart 175.C Technical Assessor Worksheet

The worksheet is at Appendix 1 and contains the minimum criteria we consider when making a technical assessment.

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