Recent enforcement decisions

We make safety-related enforcement decisions in accordance with the processes and procedures in our Enforcement Manual.

Enforcement decisions

The table below lists recent enforcement decisions. It shows:

  • the authorisation and authorisation holder affected by the decision
  • a brief summary of the reasons for the decision
  • whether the decision is subject to an automatic stay under the Civil Aviation Act 1988
  • whether the authorisation holder has asked for the decision to be reviewed in an external forum such as the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)
  • the status of an external review, where one has been sought.

15 November 2021

Title Details
Authorisation holder An individual pilot
Authorisation(s) affected

Flight Examiner Rating (FER)

Flight Instructor Rating (FIR)

Summary of decision

The pilot was involved in a range of unauthorized activities involving the provision of flight instruction and the conduct of flight testing including issuing endorsements where the relevant candidate had not completed the prerequisite flight training as well as falsifying documents relating to proficiency checks.

On the basis of the pilot’s disregard for compliance with core regulatory obligations and demonstrated lack of integrity, the pilot's PPL and RPL were cancelled pursuant to regulation 269 of the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988.

Is an automatic stay applicable? Yes
Has the authorisation holder sought external review? Pilot has applied to the AAT
Status of review proceedings AAT is arranging for hearing of the pilot’s application for a stay.
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6 Dec 2021
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