Aviation safety advisors

Our Aviation Safety Advisors (ASAs) are here to help you meet your safety requirements. The team offers safety education and advice through on site visits and seminars.

We provide advice to, and help operators of all sizes.

The role of an ASA

ASAs support the aviation industry by:

  • helping to improve safety
  • delivering AvSafety seminars, visiting sites and attending industry events and meetings
  • helping you understand the rules and any changes
  • listening to feedback.

AvSafety seminars

Our specialist ASAs hold AvSafety seminars in both metropolitan and regional locations. The free seminars provide an opportunity to hear about and discuss safety issues.

Find out more information and book your place at one of our AvSafety seminars.

On-site visits (OSV)

We provide personalised OSVs to help with aviation safety issues. These are an important part of our safety promotion function.

What to expect

Your local ASA aims to conduct an OSV of your organisation or area at least once per year. We provide help with aviation safety issues that may impact your organisation, such as:

  • transitioning to new regulations
  • setting up a Safety Management System
  • understanding administration of your organisation’s regulatory requirements
  • any topical issues.

We will conduct the OSV either as a pre-arranged meeting, or a 'meet-and-greet'. You can pre-arrange an agenda to cover topics that are of interest to you.

OSVs last between 30 minutes to an hour with follow up appointments encouraged.

Meet the team

Our ASA team consists of: a team leader, eight advisors and an AvSafety coordinator. Contact us for more information.

Last updated:
28 Apr 2023
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//resources-and-education/education-and-training/aviation-safety-advisors
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