Safety demonstration

Before your flight takes-off cabin crew will provide a safety demonstration. It's important that you listen to this demonstration that will tell you about:

  • the use and adjustment of seat belts
  • where to find an emergency exit
  • smoking, including the prohibition of smoking in lavatories
  • how to use oxygen if needed
  • the use of floatation devices if needed
  • how to safely stow cabin baggage
  • where to find on board special survival equipment.

The cabin crew will also tell you about other safety requirements, such as:

  • tray tables
  • reclining seats
  • use of electronic devices
  • refuelling.

They will also provide demonstrations on how to use:

  • your life jacket
  • oxygen equipment.

You will also find the information on a safety information card in the seat pocket.

Cabin crew may provide individual demonstrations for:

  • persons with reduced mobility
  • passengers travelling with infants and small children
  • unaccompanied children
  • passengers sitting in an exit row.

Your cabin crew are there to ensure your safety while embarking, during the flight and disembarking. Make sure you follow their directions at all times.

Last updated:
4 Dec 2021
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