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Aviation Safety Advisors (ASA)

About our team

Our Aviation Safety Advisors work in close contact with the aviation industry to provide safety advice and deliver safety education and training.

Although their focus is on smaller organisations, they can also assist larger air transport operators through their respective field offices.

Our role

  • Enhance aviation safety within the wider aviation community through AvSafety seminars, on-site visits, industry events, public discussions and meetings.
  • Guide aviation industry leadership in changes to regulation and processes of safety management.
  • Discuss aviation safety issues that affect individuals, organisations and the aviation community.
  • Promote sound safety procedures and attitudes within the aviation community.
  • Assist with interpretation and understanding of regulations.
  • Receive aviation feedback and issues that are then considered by CASA.

AvSafety seminars

Our popular AvSafety seminars are conducted around Australia in metropolitan and regional locations by our specialist team of ASAs.

The free seminars provide an opportunity to hear about and discuss safety issues that affect you.

Find out more information and book your place at one of our AvSafety seminars.

On-site visits

Our team members provide personalised on-site visits, assisting with aviation safety issues that may be affecting smaller organisations.

On-site visits form an important part of our safety promotion function and information discussed with ASAs is not captured as part of the audit and compliance function.

Find out more information and request an on-site visit.

Meet the team

Our ASA team consists of: a team leader, eight advisors and an AvSafety coordinator. Click on your region’s ASA to read about their background and access contact details.

This table contains our ASA team members
Region Name
New South Wales Teraya Miller
Northern Territory Peter Ball
Queensland Kirstie Winter
Queensland Rob Whittle
South Australia Terry Horsam
Victoria and Tasmania Bradley Johnson
Victoria and Tasmania Michael White
Victoria and Tasmania Tim Penney
Western Australia Craig Peterson
AvSafety coordinator Prue Zamora
Last modified: 10 August 2020