Apply for or vary an air transport air operator's certificate

The application for an air transport Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) is relevant to:

  • new entrants applying for the initial issue of an air operator's certificate
  • AOC holders applying for significant changes to your operations
  • AOC holders notifying us of other changes that are not significant
  • renewal of an existing AOC.

This application form is used for an initial issue as well as change approvals: Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) Application.

If you are applying for ANZA privileges for the first time, please refer to our guidance on Australia/NZ mutual recognition of air operator's certificates.

Changes to AOC

Definitions of significant changes are in paragraph 119.020 of Part 119 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR). We consider any changes not listed as non-significant.

The exposition included in your application must include a process for identifying and making changes, as required by paragraph 119.205 (1) (m) of CASR 119.

Supporting documentation

As well as the application form, you will also need to provide the following:

  • For initial issue applications - a complete exposition document covering all requirements of the regulations for your proposed operations.
  • For significant change applications - your approved exposition identifying the changes you wish to make along with supporting information as required.
  • For change that are not significant - an updated exposition with a schedule of differences identifying where these changes have been made.

For renewals, you only need to submit the signed application form.

We have created template documents that you can adapt so your exposition or operations manual meets the updated flight operations rules. Learn more about the sample operations manual templates for flight operators.

Also refer to:

AC 1-02 Guide to the development of expositions and operations manuals (PDF, 398.81 KB)

Associated approvals through form Part E

There are a range of other approvals you can apply for using the air operator's certificate application form. You can also add and remove approvals using this form.

Associated approvals are available under Parts 91, 119, 121, 133 and 135 of CASR. For example, Part 91 approval types include:

  • 91.180 (1)(b) – Air displays in Australian Territory – Operator
  • 91.315 (1)(b)(i) – Taking off and landing in low visibility
  • 91.510 (2)(c) – Fueling aircraft – persons on aircraft, boarding or disembarking.

Part 133 approval types include:

  • 133.325 (2)(b) – Flight in performance class 2 with exposure
  • 133.335 (4)(c) – Flight in performance class 1 or 2, or performance class 2 with exposure for certain rotorcraft.

Further assistance

Contact us for assistance on your application or questions about your AOC.

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15 Dec 2021
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