7.8 Periodic examinations requirements

Timing of periodic examinations

Certificate Frequency Requirements on Initial Issue
Class 1 ATPL 12-monthly until age 60, then 6-monthly Audio, Eye, ECG, Serum Lipids, Blood Glucose
Class 1 CPL 12-monthly Audio, Eye, ECG, Serum Lipids, Blood Glucose
Class 2 Four-yearly until age 40, then two- yearly N/A
Class 3 Two-yearly Audio, Eye, ECG, Serum Lipids, Blood Glucose


Type Examination
Audio Hearing test / audiogram
Eye Specialist eye examination
ECG Electrocardiogram
Serum Lipids Total Cholesterol(fasting), HDL and LDL fractions
Blood Glucose Blood Glucose (fasting)
Stress ECG Exercise ECG on Bruce Protocol (no requirement for cardiologist referral)


  1. All ECGs performed in connection with medical examinations marked with an asterisk (*) in the 'Age' column in the Class 1 and 3 table below are to be forwarded to the CASA Aviation Medicine Section.
  2. All abnormal ECGs are to be forwarded to the Aviation Medicine Section with medical assessment forms.
  3. Each applicant who scores more than 14 points on the Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factor Prediction Chart (CRI) must undergo a stress test evaluated by a cardiologist.
  4. Each applicant for a Class 1 or Class 3 medical certificate should have his/her risk score calculated at the original medical examination, then at the first medical examination after age 25, thereafter every 5 years until age 60, thereafter annually.
  5. Fasting serum lipid estimations must include total cholesterol, high and low density lipoprotein cholesterol fractions: be certain to specify this on the pathology request form as an 'Occupational Requirement'. (This alerts the pathology laboratory that the investigation is not HIC rebatable and usually ensures it will be performed, even when other lipid values are within normal limits).
  6. On occasions, applicants may have undergone certain of these tests or specialist reviews independently of the CASA requirement. CASA will accept certified true copies of recent results (only).

Classes 1 and 3 additional requirements

The image below gives the additional tests/examinations that are required at each renewal examination for applicants for Class 1 and 3 Medical Certificates. Requirements for applicants aged more than 80 years will be advised individually.

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Updated: 11 April 2022
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