Balloon transport operations (OPS.131) - protocol suite

The protocol suite provides a structure for how CASA makes decisions in relation to aircraft operations. It consists of the following documents:

  • Protocol (OPS.131) – Balloon transport operations
  • Principle (OPS.131) – Balloon transport operations
  • Worksheet (OPS.131) – Balloon transport operations

The protocol document provides a summary of the policies, concept and philosophy that sits behind the document suite. It identifies approved supplementary documents that are applicable.

The principle document provides technical guidance guidance to a CASA inspector. This helps them make an informed decision on the suitability of an application. It also ensures we are being consistent and using a standard approach. The question in the principle document relates to a question in the worksheet.

We use the worksheet as a record of the assessment and the decision we make. Each worksheet question relates to a regulatory requirement.

Depending on the nature of the application, you need the following form:

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