Apply for a foreign air transport air operators certificate (FATAOC)

A foreign air transport air operators certificate (FATAOC) may authorise the operation of a foreign registered aircraft on flights into, out of or within Australian territory that are not regulated domestic flights.

How to apply for a FATAOC

To apply for an initial FATAOC, you need to complete the steps below.

  1. Complete the forms

  2. Submit your forms

    Send both completed forms to the email address on the forms. You must include:

    • the supporting documentation listed on the forms
    • copies of your company’s manuals in English. They can be submitted electronically.
    • a third-party nomination – see details in application form.
  3. Pay the fee

    We will estimate the costs to assess your application and provide a quote. You must pay the fee before we will start assessing your application.

  4. Assessing your application

    We won't start the assessment until we have received all supporting documentation. We may need access to other volumes of your company’s operations manual suite during the assessment. We will request any additional documents as required.

  5. Processing timeframes

    Allow approximately 130 working days for processing from when we receive your application.

  6. Issuing your FATAOC

    We will issue a FATAOC following a satisfactory assessment.

Last updated:
5 Jan 2022
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