About the flight operations regulations

The flight operations regulations covering the operating and flight rules are in effect. These apply to all pilots and almost all operators in Australia.

What the rules cover

The 6 Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASRs) cover operating and flight rules, as well as certification and management, for a variety of aircraft operations.

They retain many of the previous rules that were in place and balance international best practice with local operating conditions.

The rules take into account advances in technology, complexity in the operating environment and public expectations about aviation safety.

The structure

The structure of flight operations regulations

The regulations are independent building blocks. Many operators will operate under more than one part.

Part 91 is the general operating and flight rules for all aviation in Australia.

If you’re doing aerial work, then you’ll also be operating under Part 138, which will add to, or turn off, some requirements of Part 91.

If you conduct air transport, you will need to comply with Part 119 for your certification and management requirements.

Airworthiness and maintenance

Some requirements for continuing airworthiness and maintenance changed on commencement of the flight operations regulations.

These changes specifically relate to:

  • operational category terminology
  • the approval and use of a minimum equipment list (MEL) for an aircraft.

Find more guidance about the impacts for airworthiness and maintenance.

Last updated:
11 Jul 2022
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//rules/changing-rules/flight-operations-regulations-transition/about-flight-operations-regulations
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