Plain English guide for Micro and Excluded RPA operations

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In this plain English guide, CASA consolidates the applicable sections of Part 101 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR) and its Manual of Standards (MOS) that relate to the commercial operation of micro and excluded RPA in a way that will help operators (remote pilots) to easily understand and safely apply them.

The guide does not reproduce the full text of the regulation or the MOS. For those who do want to access the legislation can be done through the Federal Register of Legislation website.

Who will benefit from this guide

This guide is for a person who does not hold a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) and intends to use a drone (not more than 2 kg) for commercial or professional activities (i.e. hire and reward) for work, research, training, or community services. Common areas of these activities include photography and film making, media, university research, real estate, surf lifesaving, construction and trade.

This guide is also for a person who does not hold a RePL but intends to use a drone (not more than 25 kg) over their own land in certain operations such as aerial spotting, land surveying, agricultural operations, infrastructure inspections or carrying cargo.

The guide is primarily intended for micro and excluded drone operators. However, it is expected all drone users will find it useful as it captures the foundational drone safety rules.


We are encouraging feedback on whether this guide provides regulatory information in a simple, easy-to-read and understandable language. We are also interested to know if the structure and format of the information is intuitive.

Please send your feedback to CASA.

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