AvSafety podcast – Staying safe on the runway

In this episode of the AvSafety podcast, Tim Penny and Lea Vesic talk with Bianca Wise, Senior Flying Instructor with Flight Training Adelaide. 

Tim and Lea also talk to Raj Prakash. Raj is a tower controller at Brisbane Airport with 12 years of experience working in the busy Moorabbin Tower.  

Our guests talk about operating at controlled aerodromes including being aware of your surroundings and talking to air traffic control (ATC). 

Bianca draws on her experiences as an instructor and discusses routine errors that pilots make early in their flying training. Bianca also talks about the top things to remember when negotiating a busy runway. 

Raj shares tips on working in a demanding air traffic control tower and explains why knowledge is confidence. Raj also discusses keeping up two-way radio communications, listening to others’ conversations, and why you should always ask ATC when you need help. 

The runways of Moorabbin Airport
The runways of Moorabbin Airport
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//resources-and-education/publications-and-resources/av-recording/avsafety-podcast-staying-safe-runway
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