Welcome to our new website

Date published: 9 December 2021


Thank you to all those involved in building our new website.

We’ve worked closely with people across our aviation community throughout all stages of development.

This has included formal user testing, online testing and most recently a 2 month ‘beta’ period where our website was available to all users to provide feedback.

As with any major website development project, we expected some issues to crop up. Thank you for your patience while we work to address these as quickly as possible.

If you spot any problems or have any questions, please use our website enquires form to let us know.

We’re also listening to your feedback and making improvements every day, so keep checking back to see what’s changed. Ultimately, we hope you’ll find it quicker and easier to use the new features and find the information you’re looking for.

Using the new site

The website’s improved search functionality makes it easy to find where our information is now located. Use the keyword search in the top-right hand corner of every page, or visit the search centre.

We’ll continue to make further enhancements to the search functionality over time as we see how users interact with the site.

Updating your bookmarks

You might have noticed that not all pages have been carried over from our old website to the new website. That’s because in the process of tidying up our content, we’ve consolidated some pages and removed and archived content that was no longer accurate.

We’ve used analytics to ensure URLs for the top 200 pages on our old site are redirected to the new content. If you’ve got bookmarks linking to content on our old site, now is the time to review them.

You can delete any bookmark that you’ve saved from the old website, then search for what you’re looking for, click that page and save as a new bookmark.

Mobile and table devices displaying CASA's homepage
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